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Pope Benedict XVI  said that :

"The purpose of our lives is to reveal God to men.  And only where God is seen does life truly begin.  Only when we meet the living God in Christ do we know what life is."  (Homily at Mass for Inauguration of His Papacy, April 24, 2005)

In the same way, Pope Francis said that the mission of God's people is:

"To bring God's hope and salvation to the world: to be a sign of the love of God who calls all to friendship with him."
“Being the Church, being the people of God, means being God's leaven in this our humanity. It means proclaiming and bearing God's salvation in this our world, which is often lost and needful of having encouraging answers, answers that give hope, that give new energy along the journey. "
(General Audience , June 12, 2013)


We, in the Family of Faith, seek to heed and live by these words.   We seek to bring Jesus' good news of salvation, faith, love and hope to everyone.  By our lives and our relationship with one another, we seek to become a symbol and a witness of God's presence to the world.  We gladly respond to the call of Christ to go out and proclaim the Gospel to everyone (Mark 16:15).   Our desire is to bring people to a deeper experience of God's love, to a more personal relationship with His Son, and to a fuller life in the Holy Spirit.   One of the ways we do this is through the Life in the Spirit Seminars that we conduct at least once a year.





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"Persevere and rejoice in suffering as My glory is further revealed."